Saturday, December 4, 2010


We went down to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun and nice to get out of the snow!

We went black friday shopping and got some stuff for brooklyn and some clothes for me. I desperately needed them!

we also bought a bedding set and a camera! yay :)

Monday, November 15, 2010


Brooklyn went to nursery yesterday!! No, she isn't 18 months yet but she is a super hyper crazy girl who wants to run run run and I am sick of playing musical chairs and chasing her all throughout church so we got permission to let her in nursery so we didn't end up going home after sacrament meeting.
Brooklyn can't hold still for 2 seconds. she can't sit still when she eats, or drinks out of a sippy. she has to be walking around or moving in some sort of form. Getting through sacrament meeting is still hard and i'm just ready to leave by the end of it.
I look around at all of the other kids and they all sit calm and quietly and color or read books and brooklyn is jumping up and down and talking to everyone and climbing up and down on everything and its so embarassing. it makes me feel like i'm a bad mom cuz i can't control my own kid. i dont know why she is so hyper but when ever she is around lots of people she gets so excited and jsut runs and screams and its exhausting.
Our relief society president told me that brooklyn can stay in nursery and i wanted to cry and tell her thankyou. she has no idea how much i appreciate it. Our ward is awesome and they know brooklyn is a good girl. she just needs space to run around and play with toys.- thats all she wants to do.
So we opened the door to nursery and she just walks in and starts playing with the toys. she is very independent and could care less if we were there.. as long as she has someone to play with and feed her she doesn't care who it is.
I went and checked on her a couple times and she was doing so good! no crying, no beating up other kids. just playing and talking to everyone. When we went and picked her up she was sitting at the table eating a snack. she said thank you and said bye to everyone in there.
She is all grown up and is so cute. I love nursery. its the best thing ever! it was so nice to be able to sit and actually listen to a lesson- its been about a year since i've been able to do that.
So brooklyn is happy in nursery and ammon and i are happy to have a short break and to be able to pay attention in church.
I love nursery. So thank you everyone who has that calling in their ward- it means alot to us parents :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Alot of People have been asking me for this recipe! I"ve made it a few times when I've had people come over and its been a huge hit! My sister actually got the recipe at Lakeridge Junior High when she was in 7th grade foods class haha. we make it quite often when ever we have alot of people come over. Its amazing and SOO easy to make!


1 can black beans (rinsed)
1 can white beans (rinsed)
1 can sweet corn (drained)
3-4 medium tomatoes
1 large onion
1 bunch of cilantro
BIG squirt of Italian dressing
salt and pepper

just dump everything in a bowl and thats its. super easy. super amazing. super healthy. let me know if you like it!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm not huge into halloween. Its never been a favorite holiday.. but I do enjoy it. We went up to Orem for the weekend. We left Thursday and skipped classes on friday to go spend more time with our family.

Thursday night we went to the nightmare express in Lindon. It was free and it was AWESOME! i was So impressed! if its still light outside it is kid friendly and then once its dark it gets haunted.. we arrived when it was light outside but by the time it was our turn it was dark so it was haunted. Brooklyn wasn't scared at all. She just kept saying hi to everything that wasdressed up scary. My sister Amy was more scared than her haha

Friday we went trick or treating at my dads work. It was nice to just walk around inside and gets lots of candy. Brookyln caught on really quick that she needed to take some of their candy and put it in her bucket. she woudln't let ANYONE touch it or the candy. It was hilarious.

That night we went to my families ward halloween party. They had alot of games for kids and a haunted bus. Brooykln was OBSESSED with the bus. She would stay in there forever and just say hi and stare at everyone in masks. she would scream when we woul pull her out.

That night we also went to Nightmare on 13th. Last year we went to a haunted houses in vegas and it was terrible so i really wanted to take ammon to a good one this year. It was SO Fun and SO GOOD! it took almost an hour to get through the whole thing. we got free fast pases for buying online so we didn't wait at all! it was great

Sat we went to the pumpkin patch in orem and then trick or treating a little around the block and then to my grandmas for chile, timales, and lots more food. It was so fun to see family!

Friday, October 15, 2010

family night and smoothie

I'm combining two posts into one. First, Monday night we went down to st geoge to staheli family farm. If you havn't been you should go! It's so fun! Monday night is family night so its only 5 bucks a person. You do a corn maze, a pumpkin patch, they a petting zoo, they do horse rides, and they have tons of fun activities for kids. Everything is made out of stuff on the farm. They have a playground, a trampoline, this fun water thing to play in, these swing things that are pretty cool, and a bunch more. They have someone singing songs so the kids can dance and they have really yummy food and snacks you can buy. It was a really fun much needed family night. Brooklyn loved the corn maze because we just let her run and we followed her. She loved seeing all the animals and just playing with tons of kids. I'm so glad we went! so if you havn't gone then you should check it out! they also do a haunted corn maze on the weekends i believe. Its pretty cheap!

Second, I have started trying to eat healthier and exercising alot more. I want to lose 10 pounds before my family goes on the cruise. I started making a spinich smoothie and eat it before or after i get home from the gym. it sounds nasty but its AMAZING! trust me! now i hate spinich. with a passion. its disgusting to me. But a few months ago we were in vegas and ammon's brother and his wife made a spinich smoothie and i was surprised at how good it tasted. So i looked up more recipes that would be easier and I found one that tastes EXACTLy like a strawberry banana smoothie. You can't taste the spinich AT ALL! So if you trying to be healthier or are just looking for a spinich recipe try this one! all you need is spinich, a banana, straberrries, and juice of your choice and a blender.

Put a big handful of spinich in the blender

add a whole banana, a bunch of strawberries (i use about 7 frozen strawberries)

and a little bit of juice. I usually use apple but you can do whatever

and thats it! blend until its smooth and taste it! its amazing. you can always add more strawberries or banana if you want

its delicoius! and it tastes so good after a good workout!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

sign language

I never thought I would teach my kids sign language but when Brooklyn started babbling I wanted her to communicate a little more so I wanted her to learn how to say please and more at least so. I would do the signs and she would just look at me and then one day she caught on so quick. She knows please, more, baby, all done, milk, and thank you. I absolutely love that she can communicate to me. I was trying to get video of her doing it and having her do everything else she knows but for some reason whenever she sees a camera she gets shy and just wants to grab it.. So here is a little video of her doing some sign language :)

she also folds her arms, knows where her hair, eyes, nose, and mouth is. can say hi, bye, mom, dada, yucky, poopy, hot, yum, dog, ball, nigh nigh, thank you and she can count to three.. she says un, two, WEEE!! haha its so cute. she knows some more but i can't remember all of them.. I know i have already said that she can do this but its mosty so i remember how old she was and stuff lol. i love this girl. isn't she beautiful.?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

decisions decisions.. i need help

My whole family is going on a cruise in December and I can't wait! But of course, I have no clothes or anything that fits or is cute! I'm debating on these swimsuits..Please tell me which one you like more.. I just can't decide?

Monday, September 20, 2010

wisdom teeth aftermath

So i was watching the Ellen show the other day- she's hilarious. I don't watch it that much but every time I do I laugh the whole time. This time she showed some videos of these two siblings who got their wisdom teeth taken out and this is them on the ride home. there are two videos so make sure you watch both of them! they are pretty dang funny.. i guess the whole video is 10 minutes long but on the show they just showed the funny parts. anyways! enjoy!
Video 1
Video 2

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Great Day

Yesterday was a Great Day! One of my really good friend's Courtney was sealed to her husband and their two kids in the St George Temple. It was a beautiful day. It was so nice for ammon and i to go do a session and to a sealing together. With a baby its really hard to go to the temple as much as we would like so we really enjoyed having the opportunity to go. I haven't done a session in a while so i was really nervous to do it by myself. We were running late and i thought that we were to miss it so i was super stressed out. But of course we made it and the second we walked into the temple we were calm and just excited to see them go through the temple and be sealed together.

They had a very big group go with them and it was just neat to see all the friends and family that were there to support them. It was an emotional day for their family and everyone was so happy. My favorite part is when we all are in the Celestial Room waiting for them to come in together. It reminded me of my experience of going through the temple for the first time. Ammon took me through and my family was there waiting for me. I imagine that it will be alot like that.

The sealing was very special. He did a wonderful job and when they brought the kids in-everyone got emotional. They looked so beautiful and it was such an amazing day. I'm so grateful that I know about the promises and blessings that you get when you go through the temple. I love going to sealings because it reminds me of my wedding day and what ammon and i promised each other. It's such an amazing and wonderful experience to know that we will be together for eternity. Congratulations Courtney, Steve, Brooklyn, and Bridger. We love you!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Alright all you moms! I am officially done working! I told them i would be late today and they just said they got me covered from now on so I am SOO Excited!! I feel like a new person! i'm so excited and have all this energy and motivation to get everything done while i stay at home! i can't wait! However, i need ideas from everyone. I need to know lots of activities to do while i am at home. I don't want to go crazy just staying inside all day and i'm not the kind of parent that just lets their kid play by themself all day. Also, its going to be getting cold soon so I need tons of activities to do with a one year old inside to keep us both entertained! PLEASE HELP me! also- look at how big my baby girl is getting! makes me want to cry....

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I feel like I don't have anything too excited to blog about- which is why i havn't blogged in a while. However lots of things are changing and its kind of exciting! Ammon and I both started school this week. I am taking one class at the school and 4 online. When registering for school I try my absolute hardest to make sure that either ammon or i could be at home with brooklyn so we didn't have to send her to the day care or get a babysitter. This semester there is only one hour a week that our schedules overlap so its not too bad!
Since changing my major I think that i am going to be able to take alot i can relate to in my personal life rather than just what i want to do. I have switched to family services and this semester i am taking Marriage and Family Relations and Fundamentals of Effective Parenting. So far I love these classes. Its only been a week but I already believe that everyone should take these classes. I'm very excited for them.
Ammon is going to be super busy this semester.. He gets done school at around 5 on most days, is planning on volunteering at the hospital on some nights, and will work a double every sat and one shift every sunday. I know its going to be super hard because i wont be able to see him as much as i would like but I know this has to happen for him to get the volunteer hours both at the hospital and at work that he gets to help him get into PA school. He's taking alot of hard science classes so he'll be busy busy busy.
On the up side of things! I quit my job!!!!!!!!! Ammon and I have been wanting me to be able to quit for a LONG time! I work at day care and take care of all the babies, which is nice because i could take brooklyn with me. However, by the time i got home i was so tired and sometimes really stressed and frustrated with the day that I would be in a bad mood and not want to do homework and anything. Since school started that was not working well because I have so much homework and don't want brooklyn to feel neglected. So, I will be staying at home and focusing on getting through school faster and being able to focus on being a better mom and teaching Brooklyn alot more things. I feel SOOO good about this and about cried with excitment when we realized that i would be able to quit. I strongly believe that being a stay at home mom is one of the best jobs a mom can do. Of course it is almost impossible with some people for financial reasons and alot of people get bored or can't handle being at home but I LOVE IT! I highly recommend it. I love being here for everything that brooklyn is learning. I dont get how some parents are ok with sending there kid everyday to a day care or babysitter for 8 hours a day. I would die!!! I miss brooklyn after like 30 min.. Thats probably why we never get a babysitter to go out becuase i would miss her way too much.
Well this post is very long but Brooklyn is now getting to be a little genius. She can say hi, bye, mom, dad,no, nana (banana), she can say please, more, and baby in sign language. She says dog, and knows what a dog, lion, and snake says. We have realized that whenever she goes to the bathroom she runs to a corner and squats... almost every time.. So we bought her a little potty just for fun and she is OBSESSED! she sits on it for like two seconds then runs away then goes back and sits for 2 seconds.. she thinks its the coolest toy ever made.. She has started giving fish kisses.. and gives me one then ammon then me then ammon..she is so soft and gentle with babies.. she dances EVERY time we put any sort of music on. (including at church in sacrament) she shrugs her shoulders and does this hilarious hip action that i am obsessed with. She always will grab her blankie and a book and run over to you, turn around, and sit on your lap. she can say WOW, woah, and the other day said ok and amen... there are a few other things but i can't think of them right now. She is sleeping about 11 hours straight every night and sometimes takes one or two naps in the day. Whenever we go get her from her room she says HI!!! and whn you pick her up she gives you the best hug ever. Its so hard to see her grow up. She is definitly not a baby anymore. It makes me so depressed to see how big she's getting. I can't believe how much she has taught me. I honestly can't even imagine how my life would be right now if she wasn't in it. I love everything about being a mom and right now i feel like our littl family is complete. :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun in the Sun

I think I'm retarded because I dont know how to put the pics at the bottom.... So.. pics first and then post is at the bottom. Sorry :)

Well, Tons has happened since I last blogged. Brooklyn turned one, we went up to stadium of fire, we went to lake powell, we went to vegas, and i turned 21. woot woot!!! I can't believe my little girl in one year old. I remember every little detail of finding out we were pregnant, being pregnant, labor, and every other detail perfectly and its crazy to think that over a year has gone by since I got to grab her and pull her up on my chest to see her for the first time. She has grown so much and I love her more than anything. I look at her in awe and feel so blessed for everything she has taught me.
We celebrated her birthday twice. Once in Cedar, and then again when we went up to orem. In Cedar we just went to the park and had a BBQ and let the little kids swim. I'm so grateful for all the friends we have in cedar. I feel so blessed to have met such wonderful people who support me and were able to come. I love you all so much. I was so glad that ammon's family and my family were able to make the drive to come to the party as well.. Brooklyn was spoiled of course and loved every minute of it.

The next week we went up to Orem for the Stadium of fire. We saw friends and family as we celebrated Brooklyn's birthday once again. I love how close all my family is and how lots of aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins were able to come. I absoultely love seeing everyone and miss them so much.

It was especially fun to see my girlfriends. I got to see Talia, Heather, Krystal, Heather, and Jessa. It was so fun to catch up with everyone and i am SO glad that we have stayed in touch since high school. I love those girls and they are amazing. They've always been there for me and its always nice to have girls to talk to.

Stadium of fire was really fun. Carrie Underwood is amazing of course but the Stadium of fire was kinda disappointing.. but still fun. Brooklyn LOVED the fireworks! I'm so glad that she wasn't scared!!!

This last week we went to lake powell!! My all time favorite place in the world. It was so relaxing and fun to just not stress and just swim, cliff jump, ski, tube, lay out, and explore all the amazing and beautiful canyons. The weather was perfect, the water was 80 degrees. The only scary part was the thunder and lightning...but made it a memorable experience. I love spending time with my family and had so much fun.

After lake powell we had to come down to vegas to pick up brooklyn so we decided to just stay here the rest of the week. We swam alot more, played games, and just hung out with Ammon's Family. My birthday was on friday and we went to dinner and then went to Margarittaville down on the strip with Josh, Stac, and Tana. It was so fun to listen to the band and to dance and just have fun. I"m so grateful for Ammon's family that they could watch brooklyn and spend time with her. Its hard when you live far away from family.
Well thats a brief story of whats happened these last few weeks. I'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow or back to reality. I like vacations way too much!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Year

My little girl is turning one year in two weeks. Its crazy to think that this time last year I was at home on bedrest just waiting for her to be ready so I could meet her. We went to the Dr. today for her check up and her stats are:
21 Pounds 10 ounces - 66 % she actually thinned out! haha
30 inches tall-82%- stayed the same

Some fun things about Brooklyn

-she eats every meal like its her last. She acts like we starve her and eats and drinks without a breath.. If your too slow she throws a fit.

-she loves her blankie. She has to have it to sleep and will pick it up and walk in her room when its time for bed.

-loves daddy! loves chasing him and having him chase her. She'll run into her room and shut the door and then open it and shut it and open it.. she loves teasing him.

-is a people person. says hi and waves to EVERYONE. if you leave the room and come back 5 seconds later she sitll says hi like she hasn't seen you in a week.

-is OBSESSED with dogs. just screams and says DOG DOg DOg the whole time she's playing or pointing at them.

-she can now say hi, dog, mom, dada, na na (banana), and her new word is stop. I take her to the daycare and this kid hit her and she pointed her finger and yelled STOP! i was so surprised but she does it all the time now. its pretty dang cute.

-loves to dance and twirl in circles

-loves to read books. especially by herself in the car. she'll just talk and point at pictures

-can drink out of a straw

-can drink out of a cup

-points at what she wants

-heads to door when we say lets go or pick up our keys.

-gives wonderful open mouth kisses

-baby talks constantly

- arches her back when we put her in carseat or change her clothes

-laughs at herself. (she thinks she is hilarious)

-when we laugh at her she makes a fake laugh

-loves showing off and being the center of attention

-does patty cake all by herself

-kicks like crazy in the bath. she loves water!

-has a new obsession with rocks! has to have one in each hand

-eats dirt

-loves being naked! the second you take her diaper of she is up and running away

-HATES shoes!!! can take them off and won't move unless she can get them off first.

-can say uh-oh and will throw things just to say it

-understands the word Ball and nose
Foods she likes:
peas ( eats them like candy)
saltine crackers
chicken nuggets

This stage has definitly been my favorite. She's getting so good at communicating what she wants and needs and loves to explore and play by herself. She's Exremely smart and is constantly catching me off guard at all the new things she's learning. She's very independent and happy ALL THE TIME. I love my baby girl

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I have alot to catch up on again! We went to orem this past week. I left on Friday and Ammon came up the next wednesday. The reason I went early was because my parents bought me a ticket to the Celtic Women concert. Also my dad was leaving for Hong Kong so I wanted to see him before he left. The concert was AMAZING! IT was really long but they have amazing voices. My mom, me, emily, spencer, my grandma and grandpa cahoon, and my grandma and grandpa conrad all went. It was alot of fun and i'm so glad i was able to go. For the next couple days I just hung out with family and hung out with a few friends. I got to see Anne Spencer Davis and Aly livingston (soon to be davis) I love these girls and i miss them so much. Both of their lives are changing and I couldn't be happier for them!
Ammon picked up extra hours while i was gone but came up Tuesday night at midnight. I got a call from him at about 2 A.M saying he had a blowout tire on the freeway. So i got to drive 45 min to pick him up and bring him home and then the next morning go out and get his truck. My uncle told us we needed 4 new tires because the ones on the truck were cracking and so old.. He also saw that ammon had zero brakes on the truck and that it was metal on metal. So we had to get it fixed and got to drain all of our savings. Fun huh :) i love when this stuff happens. haha i'm just glad ammon is ok.. its just money right?

well the main reason we went up to orem was to run the 5k with the Cahoon family. we didn't really train at all but we were excited. Everyone went up to Ephraim and we had a big dinner and hung out together and woke up bright and early to run. I never thought in my life i would run in a race. I HATE running! and I did it!!! i'm so proud of myself! i was slow but i only stopped once for like ten seconds and finished strong. IT was alot of fun to have everyone do it together. There were 12 of us that did the 5k and my amazing aunt kim won first place in the 10k. we pretty much rock.. especially my husband.. he didn't train and did it in like 23 min or something! amazing!

Well we also went to the zoo..brooklyn is OBSESSEd with animals. she kicks and screams and wants to grab them and loves when dogs lick her face. so we thought the zoo would be perfect. WRONG! there were like NO animals there! whats up with that?!?!? and the ones that were there were asleep.. SO lame! she liked the water fountain more than anything.. So since it was lame we went to the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point. WAY BETTER! she got to touch all of them and then go on a FREE ride on the horse! she kept pointing and clapping her hands. she loved it!

Also while we were in orem we got family picture done. I havn't got the CD yet but brooklyn was not in the best mood which was really frustrating.. i hope we got some good ones. I love going to orem because not only is my immediate family there but all my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, etc are there. There seems to be always something going on and everytime we go up there our schedule is full. I love it! I love being able to see everyone at once. I miss being close to everyone. Especially my cousin BRITT!

Here's some pictures!

Friday, May 14, 2010

walking girl

so alot has happened since i last blogged and I'm a little lazy so I don't want to write all about to summarize everything. school is over! we had a great mothers day.. we are just working and ammon is getting ready for summer school.. we're going up to orem for a whole week! i'm leaving on friday and ammon is coming wed.. we have alot planned so i'm extremely excited! But the highlight of our life right now is brooklyn walking!!!!!!!! yay! she took her first step before she turned 10 months and now she is trying to walk all the time. her record is 12 steps but she's always trying and doing better and better everyday! she says hi to everyone everytime she sees them and its the sweetest cutest sound i've ever heard i love her!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

make it stop!!!

Brooklyn is growing up way too fast and I hate it!! she's 9 months old now and already trying to walk... she can stand up by herself for about 30 seconds and if you hold her hand she'll walk around with you. I just want her to stay at the crawling phase for a few more years... oh well, guess we'll have to just have another one :) haha well brooklyn is now on table food and she LOVES it! she is obsessed with saltine crackers, chicken nuggets, cucumbers, potatoes, peas, spaghetti, lasagna, and pretty much everything in between.

well the past couple weeks have been pretty stressful for me. I am trying to get all my school work done and with work i'm just a total mess. BUt i can do it :) Brooklyn just makes it impossible to get anything done. She is all over the place!!! she is such a good baby and doesn't really like to be held so she can sit and play by herself for hours.. its great :) however, she is getting into everything and putting everything in her mouth so i have to watch her like crazy.

For easter we went down to Las Vegas. Ammon and I went to Circus Circus because I have never been. It was pretty fun and we even saw P Diddy! we walked right past him but i didn't realize who he was until it was too late. I have never seen a celebrity before so it was kind of excited! We also went to the rainforest cafe.. pretty cool place, not so great food. Brooklyn liked all the decorations though.

She is now pointing at everything!!!!!!! it is so dang cute! she can say dog, mom, dada, ya, baba, and hi. she can wave hi and bye and claps her hands to everything. She loves to read books!!! she loves to turn the pages and point at everything. She is my beautiful baby girl and she makes me so happy. i love her so much.

Ammon and I are also training for a 5 k. HA! good luck to me! i haven't ran or worked out in years.. I'm not even joking. So we went running and i didn't even last 10 min and couldn't even run a mile. My whole mom's side of the family is trying to get into shape and eat healthier so its nice that we are al doing it together. I just have alot of work to do! and never have time to go running because its too cold for brooklyn still... So.. anyone in cedar who can watch brooklyn for like 15-30 min a day so i can go running i woud really appreciate it :)

Yeah I lucked out!!!

So I happened to be the luckiest guy in the world!!! Cortney and I have been married almost two years now and have a little bottle rocket of a daughter that has an amazing uptempo personality that loves this new adventure she's undertaking. So why am I the luckiest guy? It's been a bumpy road that Cortney and I have been traveling along for the short time that we've actually been together, but it's been worth more to me than anything else I've ever been exposed too. I'm incredibly fortunate to have found such a wonderful wife and friend! Yes, she pretty close to perfection and mature far beyond her years... My Sweetheart still gives me chills throughout my whole body and it's the best adrenaline rush I've ever had, she has sacrificed so much for me and I can't even imagine life without her. The way she makes me smile when i walk through the door when i get home, how she kisses me, the way her hips sway when she walks( I love it!!), her funny laugh when she's trying to be serious, how she cuddles up next to me and tryies to warm her hands by putting her freezing hands under my shirt...I just can't get enough of her!! But nothing can compare to the way my spirit radiates when she's next to me, i think I'm beginning to understand better what love is because of her. Cortney I love you and like I've said before no matter what I'll always love you and strive to become a better man for you. I can't wait to see how our children turn out as a result of the amazing mother and wife you are.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sick Girl and Spring Break

Lots has happened in the past few weeks. Brooklyn got really really sick. As you know I work at a daycare and Brooklyn is there with me all the time. This one kid seems to always be sick and they didn't send him home so Brooklyn got really sick. She had a 103.8 fever for two days, had a really bad cough, and super congested. She had a hard time breathing and was just miserable and couldn't sleep. On Sat we took her to Insta Care and they pretty much said she had a cold and sent us home with an antibiotic.. well things got alot worse that day and night. fever got up to 104 with motrin so sunday we took her to the ER and they did all these mean tests like took an xray of her chest, drained her nose, tested for RSV etc... she had bronchitis and pnemonia developing in her lungs... on top of an ear infection and teething.. POOR GIRL!
However, this last week was Spring Break and I got the whole week off so we went to Orem. I was starting to get sick because I hadn't slept in weeks and ammon and i really needed a break. My parents are amazing especially my mom. THey helped so much with taking care of brooklyn. They took her for 3 nights so ammon and i could get some sleep. THey spoil her so much and she just loves my family. Especially Spencer and Emily! Its so funny and they are so cute with her. Well we had lots of plans for Spring Break. Ammon and I went and stayed where we stayed the night we got married. Its called Caste Creek Inn and its in Sandy Ut. It was really nice and relaxing. Ammon got a special package with rose petals and candles and sparkling cidar and chocolate so that was there when we got there and they have lots of games and movies and snakes and stuff you can also take. It was nice just to watch a movie together and relax and actually get seep without worrying about Brooklyn. I knew my mom would take good care of her so I wasn't worried at all.
The next day we went to the Aquarium. I wanted to go to the zoo but it was too cold and Brooklyn was still a little sick. The Aquarium was kind of small but it was still pretty fun and Brookyln loved it. We got to watch people feed sting rays and got to touch them so that was kinda fun.
I also went with my amazing grandma conrad and cousins ashley and alexi and sister amy to a place called Color Me Mine. It was alot of fun to hang out with them because I never see them anymore. And my pot turned out SO cute for Brooklyn's room.
Brooklyn is now over 20 pounds! and her bottom two teeth came through FINALLY! we're starting to look for front facing Car Seats so if you have any recommendations let me know. She can now say momma dada baba yaya point with her finger and wave bye bye and clap her hands. SHE IS SO FREAKIN CUTE!
Oh also! The Cahoon Family is going to do this ECO challenge thing. So i have 2 months to train for a 5 k and on July 4 my goal is to run a 10 k. Now that might sound easy but I went running for the first time in two years and couldn't even do a half a mile so I have alot of work to do but it will be good for me :)
Well its not letting me post pictures so I'll try to later! SOrry!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So today I didn't have work! I love those days! And Ammon got done at 12 with everything so we decided to drive down and go to the pool in St. George!! IT was a last minute thing and was SOOOOOO much fun oh my goodness it was a blast. My mom bought Brooklyn a swimsuit when she was down here two weeks ago and it is so cute.

Anyways, the pool has a kiddie area and slides and i little whirl pool thing and it was just so fun! Brooklyn was just kicking like crazy-anyone who knows her knows her feet go at like 100 mph whenever she is excited... So she was kicking and squealing and clapping her hands constantly. SHe loved the water and just splashed and laughed and just loved watching people and was just a joy to watch. I tried taking some pictures but she didn't want to look at me- she wanted to look at everthing and everyone else. So these were the best we got!

Isn't she so cute! and ammon is just the best dad ever!!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

growing up too fast

So i don't really have anything too excited to post about. Ammon and I are both just busy with working and school. He just got a new job at a place called Chrysalis and works friday sat and sunday from 11 at night to 730 in the morning. Its hard and he gets about 3 hours of sleep in the day if he's lucky. I am working at the day care still and hate it. I wish i didn't have too but Brooklyn likes playing with the other kids and we need the money
Brooklyn turns 8 months next week. 8 months!! i can't even believe it!!! she's crawling so fast and getting into eveything.. she can stand up in her crib and stand up holding onto furniture or the wall or pretty much everything. she's starting to walk alongside furniture and hold on with one hand. its crazy! we've been talking about when we should try to have another one and it freaks me out because i feel like i was just pregnant and don't think i'm ready for that again because it was so awful with brooklyn. there is no way i could take care of her if i'm that sick again.

Another thing I did recently was host a slumber party :) I've never been to one before but it was SO Much fun! and i got SOOO much free stuff. if you havn't had one or been to one i highly recommend it.. seriously i got a ton of stuff..
I also got a new calling in the ward so now i have two :) we are assistant ward missionaries and i am the chorister in R.S.
Brooklyn is also teething way bad.. she's getting the two on the bottom at the same time.. They haven't broke through yet but should any time. I had no idea that they come up and go back down and come up again a few times before they break through.. must be painful.. someone also told me the pain is equivelent to a split bone.. OUCH!! poor girl. She's in alot of pain and I can tell. She's waking up about two times a night and just cries... it's so sad..

Oh also! for Valentines Day we went to a stake valentines dance! it Was SOO Much fun! brooklyn loved it!! we took her to the nursery for a bit and kept going to check on her. Lots of other babies were crying and she could care less if we were there or not.. I love that she loves people and is so happy and doesn't scream when we leave her. it makes it alot less stressful for me. We took her in to dance a couple times and she would just kick like crazy and squeal and laugh and clap her hands and it was so much fun. I love my little family :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Brooklyn is finally crawling!!! yay! she started like 2 weeks ago but was kind of akward at it and now she's becoming a pro. its so fun and she is so proud and i'm lucky she's still kind of slow cuz i can catch her before she gets too far. :) she's doing so good and i am loving every min of it! She's now eating pretty much everything. well, all of the baby foods and stuff she LOVES oatmeal! and green peans, sweet potatoes, squash, applesauce and lots of other stuff. we've started giving her mashed potatoes and some bread and pancakes and stuff and she loves it! But her favorites are those little yogurt meltables and the little puff things that melt in your mouth! she can grab them with her fingers and feed her self and she loves it! its nice cuz i can sit her in her high chair while i do dishes and she'll just eat. its so cute! she's saying da da CONSTANTLY and when she's in a bad mood she says mama.. she is clapping her hands and it is so dang cute!!!!

I am super busy with work, and school, and being a mom. It's hard and stressful but i'm hangin in there.. Ammon just got offered a new job and he only works three days a week and they are graveyard shifts but it actually works out best because he has the whole week to focus on school and then works friday sat and sunday and he gets patient exposure hours for PA school. He has the hours guaranteed rather then the car wash-if it snows or weather is bad-he doesn't work. it sucks. So hopefully he'll enjoy this.

I hope this video works.. this was the 2nd day she started and she does this weird little hop thing but its so cute! she LOVES keys, phones, and remotes... if she sees one she goes after it and doesn't even care about her toys.

Monday, January 11, 2010

6 months

Brooklyn had her six month checkup today. Stats are
height 27 1/2 inches she's in the 94 percentile
weight 18 pounds 10 ounces 88th percentile
She got 4 shots and an oral medication. HATED IT
such a big girl. She's teething majorly, saying ma ma, trying to pull herself up to a standing position and eating like crazy. she is such a good sweet heart but can be so stubborn sometimes. I love how excited she gets when i go get her in the morning from her crib.
She can go from sitting position to hands and knees back to sitting position, she loves beeing on her knees and goes directly to pulling herslef on her knees in the crib, or bath. If she can get ahold of your leg or anything she tries to pull herself up. She is talking like crazy all the time and is such a joy! i love her! :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


It has been a long time since I blogged...even though i dont think anyone reads it but thats ok. Well a few weeks ago I went up to Orem with Brooklyn just me and her for a few days to take some presents up and to bring a ton back to cedar. I loved going to up to orem. I love seeing family! The Conrad's had the Christmas party at the ranch this year so Brooklyn got to sit on Santa's Lap! (if anyone has those pics please send them to me). The party was fun and of course i loved seeing everyone.
For Christmas we went down to Vegas. It was different but very fun. It was my first Christmas away from home and Brooklyns first Christmas. I dont know if it was just me but this year didn't really feel like Christmas... I missed going up to temple square and listening to the Mormon Tab sing and going and looking at christmas lights and singing songs by the piano, reading chirstmas stories, caroling and everything else. I definitly need to start doing traditions in our home.

Vegas was really fun. We did a white elephant game christmas eve and read the book A christmas Dress for Ellen. One of my favorites. We just hung out with the family and played lots of games. Ammon's brother and his wife took us out for Ammon's birthday and we went to dinner and had a blast with them. Ammon's other brother Seth and his wife blessed there little baby while we were there. SHE IS TINY! i think she's 5 pounds now. Crazy.
When we got back we had all our presents to open here. It was fun and we got spoiled rotton. Ammon got a nice electric razor and aqcua di gio cologne, snow boots, a few games, shirts, the bean game, and fruit snake. i got a gingerbread house, a glider FINALLY!! i've been wanting once since i was pregnant and I LOVE IT!, lots of clothes, the book The Hunger games which i already read and LOVED! and my favorite present of all was what my dad gave me. He gave us DVD's of all our families home videos. I love watching our family home videos and the memories are so special to me. The present meant alot to me and I watch them all the time.

So ammon turned 26 and Brooklyn is now 6 months old. She is growing and growing and can now sit up then get to her tummy and almost get back to sitting up again. She is no where near crawling but if i put her on her knees she starts rocking :) she is such a sweetheart but is getting a little attitude. She is very demanding. But i love her :)
Well our new years sucked... like i have said before we have no life or friends in cedar so we watched a movie and went to bed at like 11. i know we are super lame. oh well.
Oh we also took family pictures so here are some of those! Oh and i know this is kinda lame but can you post a comment on this one if I dont have you already on my friends and family contact list.. thanks!