Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Year

My little girl is turning one year in two weeks. Its crazy to think that this time last year I was at home on bedrest just waiting for her to be ready so I could meet her. We went to the Dr. today for her check up and her stats are:
21 Pounds 10 ounces - 66 % she actually thinned out! haha
30 inches tall-82%- stayed the same

Some fun things about Brooklyn

-she eats every meal like its her last. She acts like we starve her and eats and drinks without a breath.. If your too slow she throws a fit.

-she loves her blankie. She has to have it to sleep and will pick it up and walk in her room when its time for bed.

-loves daddy! loves chasing him and having him chase her. She'll run into her room and shut the door and then open it and shut it and open it.. she loves teasing him.

-is a people person. says hi and waves to EVERYONE. if you leave the room and come back 5 seconds later she sitll says hi like she hasn't seen you in a week.

-is OBSESSED with dogs. just screams and says DOG DOg DOg the whole time she's playing or pointing at them.

-she can now say hi, dog, mom, dada, na na (banana), and her new word is stop. I take her to the daycare and this kid hit her and she pointed her finger and yelled STOP! i was so surprised but she does it all the time now. its pretty dang cute.

-loves to dance and twirl in circles

-loves to read books. especially by herself in the car. she'll just talk and point at pictures

-can drink out of a straw

-can drink out of a cup

-points at what she wants

-heads to door when we say lets go or pick up our keys.

-gives wonderful open mouth kisses

-baby talks constantly

- arches her back when we put her in carseat or change her clothes

-laughs at herself. (she thinks she is hilarious)

-when we laugh at her she makes a fake laugh

-loves showing off and being the center of attention

-does patty cake all by herself

-kicks like crazy in the bath. she loves water!

-has a new obsession with rocks! has to have one in each hand

-eats dirt

-loves being naked! the second you take her diaper of she is up and running away

-HATES shoes!!! can take them off and won't move unless she can get them off first.

-can say uh-oh and will throw things just to say it

-understands the word Ball and nose
Foods she likes:
peas ( eats them like candy)
saltine crackers
chicken nuggets

This stage has definitly been my favorite. She's getting so good at communicating what she wants and needs and loves to explore and play by herself. She's Exremely smart and is constantly catching me off guard at all the new things she's learning. She's very independent and happy ALL THE TIME. I love my baby girl


Ashley said...

I can't believe it's been a year!! She is such a beauty. They do just keep getting more and more fun as time goes on.

Kurt and Whitney said...

So cute we need to see her soon! She is getting so big and one year came so fast!

Nick & Dana said...

k she seriously grew up too fast! i wish i could have seen her little, but i still want to see her! :) she is sooo cute

Brady and Jamie Sefcik said...

So Adorable!! :)

Ka'ihe and Karlee said...

Cortney! I didn't know you had a blog either. I'm glad you found ours! It is pretty ridiculous how we haven't gotten together yet. I guess that's my fault, It seems like I'm always feeling pretty crappy..Lets do something soon!

The Fowler's said...

You sound like the cutest mom ever! You make me want a baby! Congrats on her being a year!

Whitney Orgill said...

that year went by super fast! you'll be poppin out baby number two by the time i have my first...haha that's so fun!

i hope its a girl owen and i both want a girl so hopefully :]

the only way to get a hold of me is by calling me because i'm a loser and don't have text. so my number is 801.687.0982 and we'll most likely see you on sunday that sounds fun! is it just at your mom's house then?