Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun in the Sun

I think I'm retarded because I dont know how to put the pics at the bottom.... So.. pics first and then post is at the bottom. Sorry :)

Well, Tons has happened since I last blogged. Brooklyn turned one, we went up to stadium of fire, we went to lake powell, we went to vegas, and i turned 21. woot woot!!! I can't believe my little girl in one year old. I remember every little detail of finding out we were pregnant, being pregnant, labor, and every other detail perfectly and its crazy to think that over a year has gone by since I got to grab her and pull her up on my chest to see her for the first time. She has grown so much and I love her more than anything. I look at her in awe and feel so blessed for everything she has taught me.
We celebrated her birthday twice. Once in Cedar, and then again when we went up to orem. In Cedar we just went to the park and had a BBQ and let the little kids swim. I'm so grateful for all the friends we have in cedar. I feel so blessed to have met such wonderful people who support me and were able to come. I love you all so much. I was so glad that ammon's family and my family were able to make the drive to come to the party as well.. Brooklyn was spoiled of course and loved every minute of it.

The next week we went up to Orem for the Stadium of fire. We saw friends and family as we celebrated Brooklyn's birthday once again. I love how close all my family is and how lots of aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins were able to come. I absoultely love seeing everyone and miss them so much.

It was especially fun to see my girlfriends. I got to see Talia, Heather, Krystal, Heather, and Jessa. It was so fun to catch up with everyone and i am SO glad that we have stayed in touch since high school. I love those girls and they are amazing. They've always been there for me and its always nice to have girls to talk to.

Stadium of fire was really fun. Carrie Underwood is amazing of course but the Stadium of fire was kinda disappointing.. but still fun. Brooklyn LOVED the fireworks! I'm so glad that she wasn't scared!!!

This last week we went to lake powell!! My all time favorite place in the world. It was so relaxing and fun to just not stress and just swim, cliff jump, ski, tube, lay out, and explore all the amazing and beautiful canyons. The weather was perfect, the water was 80 degrees. The only scary part was the thunder and lightning...but made it a memorable experience. I love spending time with my family and had so much fun.

After lake powell we had to come down to vegas to pick up brooklyn so we decided to just stay here the rest of the week. We swam alot more, played games, and just hung out with Ammon's Family. My birthday was on friday and we went to dinner and then went to Margarittaville down on the strip with Josh, Stac, and Tana. It was so fun to listen to the band and to dance and just have fun. I"m so grateful for Ammon's family that they could watch brooklyn and spend time with her. Its hard when you live far away from family.
Well thats a brief story of whats happened these last few weeks. I'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow or back to reality. I like vacations way too much!