Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I have alot to catch up on again! We went to orem this past week. I left on Friday and Ammon came up the next wednesday. The reason I went early was because my parents bought me a ticket to the Celtic Women concert. Also my dad was leaving for Hong Kong so I wanted to see him before he left. The concert was AMAZING! IT was really long but they have amazing voices. My mom, me, emily, spencer, my grandma and grandpa cahoon, and my grandma and grandpa conrad all went. It was alot of fun and i'm so glad i was able to go. For the next couple days I just hung out with family and hung out with a few friends. I got to see Anne Spencer Davis and Aly livingston (soon to be davis) I love these girls and i miss them so much. Both of their lives are changing and I couldn't be happier for them!
Ammon picked up extra hours while i was gone but came up Tuesday night at midnight. I got a call from him at about 2 A.M saying he had a blowout tire on the freeway. So i got to drive 45 min to pick him up and bring him home and then the next morning go out and get his truck. My uncle told us we needed 4 new tires because the ones on the truck were cracking and so old.. He also saw that ammon had zero brakes on the truck and that it was metal on metal. So we had to get it fixed and got to drain all of our savings. Fun huh :) i love when this stuff happens. haha i'm just glad ammon is ok.. its just money right?

well the main reason we went up to orem was to run the 5k with the Cahoon family. we didn't really train at all but we were excited. Everyone went up to Ephraim and we had a big dinner and hung out together and woke up bright and early to run. I never thought in my life i would run in a race. I HATE running! and I did it!!! i'm so proud of myself! i was slow but i only stopped once for like ten seconds and finished strong. IT was alot of fun to have everyone do it together. There were 12 of us that did the 5k and my amazing aunt kim won first place in the 10k. we pretty much rock.. especially my husband.. he didn't train and did it in like 23 min or something! amazing!

Well we also went to the zoo..brooklyn is OBSESSEd with animals. she kicks and screams and wants to grab them and loves when dogs lick her face. so we thought the zoo would be perfect. WRONG! there were like NO animals there! whats up with that?!?!? and the ones that were there were asleep.. SO lame! she liked the water fountain more than anything.. So since it was lame we went to the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point. WAY BETTER! she got to touch all of them and then go on a FREE ride on the horse! she kept pointing and clapping her hands. she loved it!

Also while we were in orem we got family picture done. I havn't got the CD yet but brooklyn was not in the best mood which was really frustrating.. i hope we got some good ones. I love going to orem because not only is my immediate family there but all my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, etc are there. There seems to be always something going on and everytime we go up there our schedule is full. I love it! I love being able to see everyone at once. I miss being close to everyone. Especially my cousin BRITT!

Here's some pictures!


Sarah said...

I'm so glad you left a comment on our blog so I could get the link to yours! Brooklyn is darling! We miss seeing her at church. I'm glad Ammon wasn't hurt with the blowout and that you all are well :)

Mason Clan said...

I agree I miss being close to you!!! I hate that we live on different ends of the State!!! It was so much fun to see you! You rock and I love ya!