Friday, May 14, 2010

walking girl

so alot has happened since i last blogged and I'm a little lazy so I don't want to write all about to summarize everything. school is over! we had a great mothers day.. we are just working and ammon is getting ready for summer school.. we're going up to orem for a whole week! i'm leaving on friday and ammon is coming wed.. we have alot planned so i'm extremely excited! But the highlight of our life right now is brooklyn walking!!!!!!!! yay! she took her first step before she turned 10 months and now she is trying to walk all the time. her record is 12 steps but she's always trying and doing better and better everyday! she says hi to everyone everytime she sees them and its the sweetest cutest sound i've ever heard i love her!


Ashley said...

That's crazy that's she's walking! What a girl. You're going to be really busy coming up soon. She's so cute though. You can tell she's a daddy's girl, eh?

Nick & Dana said...

So i'm sitting here with Katelyn watching these videos and she lets out the biggest squeal and starts flapping her arms and laughing!! haha. Brooklyn is so cute! I can't believe she's walking. I really want to meet her :(