Monday, August 10, 2009

So its been awhile since i've posted anything. Its kind of hard because we don't have internet at our place so if i want to get on the computer I have to go clear to the library which is now a pain and isn't just me jumping in the car. i have to make sure brooklyn is fed and changed and diaper bag is packed, put her in car seat, etc etc.. She is getting SOOO big i can't believe it but she is so fun. Last night she slept great and I woke up feeling like a new person. She usually wakes up and eats every 3 hours at 12 3 6 and 9 but last night she slept from 1130 to 430. I was so happy and she was just smiling like crazy when she woke up and i couldn't help but laugh. you can't be mad at a smling baby even if they do wake you up all the time.
Brooklyn is getting so strong its crazy she holds her head up like its no big deal and last week she rolled over! yup thats right. she was not even 5 weeks old and we were at my parents house and she just rolled over and Ammon was the only one that saw so we put her back on her tummy and she did it again and we got it on video camera!! she's only done it a few times since then but i dont care.. she rolled over for the first time and i can prove it! haha
Last week was crazy busy. we went up to orem for my friend krystal's wedding and our friends elyse and brandon were also married. Last week (well aug 1) was our one year anniversary! i never would've thought that we would have a baby by our one year anniversary but hey i wouldn't change anything. Ammon and I went and got a couples massage which was very much needed it was great. Emily stayed home with brooklyn and i feel so bad because she just screamed the whole time and poor emily didn't know what to do. Good thing my mom got home in time to help.
Well nothing else is really new. Brooklyn will be 6 weeks tomorrow which is crazy. Time goes by so much faster now that she is here and I am loving every min of it.