Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So today I didn't have work! I love those days! And Ammon got done at 12 with everything so we decided to drive down and go to the pool in St. George!! IT was a last minute thing and was SOOOOOO much fun oh my goodness it was a blast. My mom bought Brooklyn a swimsuit when she was down here two weeks ago and it is so cute.

Anyways, the pool has a kiddie area and slides and i little whirl pool thing and it was just so fun! Brooklyn was just kicking like crazy-anyone who knows her knows her feet go at like 100 mph whenever she is excited... So she was kicking and squealing and clapping her hands constantly. SHe loved the water and just splashed and laughed and just loved watching people and was just a joy to watch. I tried taking some pictures but she didn't want to look at me- she wanted to look at everthing and everyone else. So these were the best we got!

Isn't she so cute! and ammon is just the best dad ever!!!!!


Nate and Lyndsi Clements said...

Hey Court I just found you blog...fun!
Anyway is that place just so awesome. . .we love going their and we don't even have kids.

Michelle said...

That' adorable! your baby is darling! What a beautiful family

Ashley said...

We were just at that pool on the 20th and 22nd! We were visiting my parents in St. George for a couple of weeks. I should have contacted you! We drove right through Cedar City twice and I thought of you both times.

Steven and Cara said...

Courtney,I just have to say that I love your blog! It is so cute and Brooklyn is getting so big!!