Monday, November 15, 2010


Brooklyn went to nursery yesterday!! No, she isn't 18 months yet but she is a super hyper crazy girl who wants to run run run and I am sick of playing musical chairs and chasing her all throughout church so we got permission to let her in nursery so we didn't end up going home after sacrament meeting.
Brooklyn can't hold still for 2 seconds. she can't sit still when she eats, or drinks out of a sippy. she has to be walking around or moving in some sort of form. Getting through sacrament meeting is still hard and i'm just ready to leave by the end of it.
I look around at all of the other kids and they all sit calm and quietly and color or read books and brooklyn is jumping up and down and talking to everyone and climbing up and down on everything and its so embarassing. it makes me feel like i'm a bad mom cuz i can't control my own kid. i dont know why she is so hyper but when ever she is around lots of people she gets so excited and jsut runs and screams and its exhausting.
Our relief society president told me that brooklyn can stay in nursery and i wanted to cry and tell her thankyou. she has no idea how much i appreciate it. Our ward is awesome and they know brooklyn is a good girl. she just needs space to run around and play with toys.- thats all she wants to do.
So we opened the door to nursery and she just walks in and starts playing with the toys. she is very independent and could care less if we were there.. as long as she has someone to play with and feed her she doesn't care who it is.
I went and checked on her a couple times and she was doing so good! no crying, no beating up other kids. just playing and talking to everyone. When we went and picked her up she was sitting at the table eating a snack. she said thank you and said bye to everyone in there.
She is all grown up and is so cute. I love nursery. its the best thing ever! it was so nice to be able to sit and actually listen to a lesson- its been about a year since i've been able to do that.
So brooklyn is happy in nursery and ammon and i are happy to have a short break and to be able to pay attention in church.
I love nursery. So thank you everyone who has that calling in their ward- it means alot to us parents :)


Karlene said...

oh my, i know just how you feel. skylee is the same way. we've become GREAT hall walkers haha. i'm def gonna try and see if skylee can go in cuz all she wants to do is run and play. good for brooklyn, hope she always loves it.

Marche Shay said...

That is exciting! I love when I get new kids in nursery that just start playing with the toys. We have a 2 year old that will start screaming before she even walks in the door. Her mom has to sit with her the whole time! So you are very lucky that Brooklyn is independent!

Ka'ihe and Karlee said...

I am so happy for you that she gets to go to nursery now! Brooklyn is so crazy and funny, you gotta love her! I have a feeling Tre is going to be the same way at her age (He has been cooing and yelling at me all day!)I am going to be calling you for advice.

Jimmy & Chelo said...

We're so happy to have in her in Nursery. She was so nice, fun, and yeah your right all over the place! But trust me, she did so good and listened so well. Gosh, I jus cant beleive how much she's growing up, seems like yesterday you guys just had her!

Nick & Dana said...

Cortney, Katelyn sounds just like Brooklyn! I am ready to put her in nursery and she's only 11 months! today I miss all of relief society. I mean to me, she's such a good baby if she's just walking around doing her own thing, but if we try to make her sit still.. no way, she'll fight it until she wins. i'm glad she got to go in early :) hopefully there aren't any bullies and she'll enjoy it!

Stacia Gutierrez said...

Oh little brooklyn is so sweet and she's very very smart i think she is so ready for nursery she did great and she'll probably keep doing great!! :) give that baby a kiss for me.