Monday, September 27, 2010

sign language

I never thought I would teach my kids sign language but when Brooklyn started babbling I wanted her to communicate a little more so I wanted her to learn how to say please and more at least so. I would do the signs and she would just look at me and then one day she caught on so quick. She knows please, more, baby, all done, milk, and thank you. I absolutely love that she can communicate to me. I was trying to get video of her doing it and having her do everything else she knows but for some reason whenever she sees a camera she gets shy and just wants to grab it.. So here is a little video of her doing some sign language :)

she also folds her arms, knows where her hair, eyes, nose, and mouth is. can say hi, bye, mom, dada, yucky, poopy, hot, yum, dog, ball, nigh nigh, thank you and she can count to three.. she says un, two, WEEE!! haha its so cute. she knows some more but i can't remember all of them.. I know i have already said that she can do this but its mosty so i remember how old she was and stuff lol. i love this girl. isn't she beautiful.?


Ashley said...

Haha! She is so so cute. Baby signs are the best. They really do make the communication process easier. She's a smart little cookie to catch on so fast!

Rich and Ashley Brandt said...

Ha ha, I love it... my sisters have taught their kids sign language and it makes babysitting SO much easier, ha ha.

mccallpark said...

Oh my goodness!! I can't believe how cute Brooklyn looks! That hair!! Good for you for teaching her so much!! Smart cookie!