Saturday, August 28, 2010


I feel like I don't have anything too excited to blog about- which is why i havn't blogged in a while. However lots of things are changing and its kind of exciting! Ammon and I both started school this week. I am taking one class at the school and 4 online. When registering for school I try my absolute hardest to make sure that either ammon or i could be at home with brooklyn so we didn't have to send her to the day care or get a babysitter. This semester there is only one hour a week that our schedules overlap so its not too bad!
Since changing my major I think that i am going to be able to take alot i can relate to in my personal life rather than just what i want to do. I have switched to family services and this semester i am taking Marriage and Family Relations and Fundamentals of Effective Parenting. So far I love these classes. Its only been a week but I already believe that everyone should take these classes. I'm very excited for them.
Ammon is going to be super busy this semester.. He gets done school at around 5 on most days, is planning on volunteering at the hospital on some nights, and will work a double every sat and one shift every sunday. I know its going to be super hard because i wont be able to see him as much as i would like but I know this has to happen for him to get the volunteer hours both at the hospital and at work that he gets to help him get into PA school. He's taking alot of hard science classes so he'll be busy busy busy.
On the up side of things! I quit my job!!!!!!!!! Ammon and I have been wanting me to be able to quit for a LONG time! I work at day care and take care of all the babies, which is nice because i could take brooklyn with me. However, by the time i got home i was so tired and sometimes really stressed and frustrated with the day that I would be in a bad mood and not want to do homework and anything. Since school started that was not working well because I have so much homework and don't want brooklyn to feel neglected. So, I will be staying at home and focusing on getting through school faster and being able to focus on being a better mom and teaching Brooklyn alot more things. I feel SOOO good about this and about cried with excitment when we realized that i would be able to quit. I strongly believe that being a stay at home mom is one of the best jobs a mom can do. Of course it is almost impossible with some people for financial reasons and alot of people get bored or can't handle being at home but I LOVE IT! I highly recommend it. I love being here for everything that brooklyn is learning. I dont get how some parents are ok with sending there kid everyday to a day care or babysitter for 8 hours a day. I would die!!! I miss brooklyn after like 30 min.. Thats probably why we never get a babysitter to go out becuase i would miss her way too much.
Well this post is very long but Brooklyn is now getting to be a little genius. She can say hi, bye, mom, dad,no, nana (banana), she can say please, more, and baby in sign language. She says dog, and knows what a dog, lion, and snake says. We have realized that whenever she goes to the bathroom she runs to a corner and squats... almost every time.. So we bought her a little potty just for fun and she is OBSESSED! she sits on it for like two seconds then runs away then goes back and sits for 2 seconds.. she thinks its the coolest toy ever made.. She has started giving fish kisses.. and gives me one then ammon then me then ammon..she is so soft and gentle with babies.. she dances EVERY time we put any sort of music on. (including at church in sacrament) she shrugs her shoulders and does this hilarious hip action that i am obsessed with. She always will grab her blankie and a book and run over to you, turn around, and sit on your lap. she can say WOW, woah, and the other day said ok and amen... there are a few other things but i can't think of them right now. She is sleeping about 11 hours straight every night and sometimes takes one or two naps in the day. Whenever we go get her from her room she says HI!!! and whn you pick her up she gives you the best hug ever. Its so hard to see her grow up. She is definitly not a baby anymore. It makes me so depressed to see how big she's getting. I can't believe how much she has taught me. I honestly can't even imagine how my life would be right now if she wasn't in it. I love everything about being a mom and right now i feel like our littl family is complete. :)


Nate and Lyndsi Clements said...

I'm so glad you were able to quit your job, and I love your attitude about being a Mom.
Brooklyn is a doll, I would love to watch her anytime. Really!

mccallpark said...

good luck with this year of school!! We miss seeing you and Brooklyn!

Sarah said...

I'm so happy you were able to quit your job. Your new major sounds like fun! We are back in St. George so if you head this way let us know :)

Mason Clan said...

I love this post! Im glad you got to quit your job!!! You are the best mom!!! Love ya!