Monday, June 15, 2009

baby crib!

so i finally have some pictures to show! i still can't find my camera connector thing so these are lame phone pictures but hey better than nothing right! so i have about 3 1/2 weeks left and i'm getting so anxious! and incredibly nervous. I'm scared somethings going to go wrong because i'm one of those people that have to know exactly whats going to happen.. which can be really annoying but thats just how i am. i can't wait to see her!!! we're almost all moved in which is really exciting. my dad and brother spencer came down this last weekend which was really fun.. my dad did another triathalon down in st george! he's crazy! but we got the crib set up which is beautiful! i love it so much. we got our piano tunned finally so i can play again.. and ammon and i spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday. i hate speaking.. with a passion!!! but we actually did a pretty good job. well thats all the news i have for now.. hopefully in the next couple weeks we'll have our little girl here and then i'll be posting about 20 pictures a day :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

crazy fun weekend

So. Of course I dont have any pictures to put. I really am terrible. I used to take pictures of everyone and everything but i've taken like 5 since i've been married. Anyways, two weeks ago was an amazing weekend! I got to go up to Orem and see my family. My beautiful sister Amy graduated from highschool. I am so proud of her. Even tho I absolutely hate sitting through graduations it was exciting to see my lil sis all grown up. Weird... That night we had a graduation barbeque with friends and family which was a blast! i love seeing family that i havn't seen in a long time. We ate alot of food and just had a blast. That weekend I also had two baby showers! I am def a lucky girl and Brooklyn is already so spoiled. Friday night my really good friend Talia did one for me and all of my friends. It was really fun! we played games ate talked and opened presents and I got some really really cute outfits and it just gets me so excited to have her here! The next day my dad participated in a triathalon! He did amazing and I was so proud!!! He swam 1/2 mile biked 13 miles and ran 3. It was so much fun to cheer him on and he did so well! That day my hubby and his family came up for the family baby shower which was also amazing. My family is awesome and got me some pretty sweet stuff. I got the crib that I wanted which is beautiful and is really neat because it converts all the way to a twin bed. I also got a stroller and car seat that I love!!! and the most beautiful bed set for baby brooklyn! I had it picked out and my aunt kristy and cousin britt got it for me! I got so much stuff and cute things and I couldn't wait to set it all up and decorate her room! Once its all done I will post some pictures. Ammon and I have gotten really good at spending money on a baby thats not even bored. :) Every time we go to walmart we always go past the baby section and I can't help but buy something. She's so spoiled its ridiculous but I'd rather spend money on her then me and she deserves the very best.. Except diapers suck to buy. They are expensive.. we've been trying to stock up but we added it all up and have like 3 months worth lol .. crap.. haha oh well! anyways I have about 4 weeks left until she gets here and I still have so much to do! I promise i'll get better at posting pictures!