Monday, February 22, 2010

growing up too fast

So i don't really have anything too excited to post about. Ammon and I are both just busy with working and school. He just got a new job at a place called Chrysalis and works friday sat and sunday from 11 at night to 730 in the morning. Its hard and he gets about 3 hours of sleep in the day if he's lucky. I am working at the day care still and hate it. I wish i didn't have too but Brooklyn likes playing with the other kids and we need the money
Brooklyn turns 8 months next week. 8 months!! i can't even believe it!!! she's crawling so fast and getting into eveything.. she can stand up in her crib and stand up holding onto furniture or the wall or pretty much everything. she's starting to walk alongside furniture and hold on with one hand. its crazy! we've been talking about when we should try to have another one and it freaks me out because i feel like i was just pregnant and don't think i'm ready for that again because it was so awful with brooklyn. there is no way i could take care of her if i'm that sick again.

Another thing I did recently was host a slumber party :) I've never been to one before but it was SO Much fun! and i got SOOO much free stuff. if you havn't had one or been to one i highly recommend it.. seriously i got a ton of stuff..
I also got a new calling in the ward so now i have two :) we are assistant ward missionaries and i am the chorister in R.S.
Brooklyn is also teething way bad.. she's getting the two on the bottom at the same time.. They haven't broke through yet but should any time. I had no idea that they come up and go back down and come up again a few times before they break through.. must be painful.. someone also told me the pain is equivelent to a split bone.. OUCH!! poor girl. She's in alot of pain and I can tell. She's waking up about two times a night and just cries... it's so sad..

Oh also! for Valentines Day we went to a stake valentines dance! it Was SOO Much fun! brooklyn loved it!! we took her to the nursery for a bit and kept going to check on her. Lots of other babies were crying and she could care less if we were there or not.. I love that she loves people and is so happy and doesn't scream when we leave her. it makes it alot less stressful for me. We took her in to dance a couple times and she would just kick like crazy and squeal and laugh and clap her hands and it was so much fun. I love my little family :)


Whitney Orgill said...

You're so lucky! I look at yours and Dana's blog with your kids and you guys are so cute! I feel way out of the loop, Owen isn't ready for kids yet so maybe someday hopefully sooner then later haha love ya cort!

Karlene said...

I hate teething, my kids weren't bad, but I hate that it goes up and down, just come thru already LOL!! cute pics!!!!

Ashley said...

I can't believe she's pulling up on things already! Sounds like she's going to be walking soon. That's when the real fun starts ;)

Chess said...

I can't believe she's 8 months! She's beautiful. I think you should take your time and enjoy her before you try for another one, but you'll know what's right. :)