Friday, October 15, 2010

family night and smoothie

I'm combining two posts into one. First, Monday night we went down to st geoge to staheli family farm. If you havn't been you should go! It's so fun! Monday night is family night so its only 5 bucks a person. You do a corn maze, a pumpkin patch, they a petting zoo, they do horse rides, and they have tons of fun activities for kids. Everything is made out of stuff on the farm. They have a playground, a trampoline, this fun water thing to play in, these swing things that are pretty cool, and a bunch more. They have someone singing songs so the kids can dance and they have really yummy food and snacks you can buy. It was a really fun much needed family night. Brooklyn loved the corn maze because we just let her run and we followed her. She loved seeing all the animals and just playing with tons of kids. I'm so glad we went! so if you havn't gone then you should check it out! they also do a haunted corn maze on the weekends i believe. Its pretty cheap!

Second, I have started trying to eat healthier and exercising alot more. I want to lose 10 pounds before my family goes on the cruise. I started making a spinich smoothie and eat it before or after i get home from the gym. it sounds nasty but its AMAZING! trust me! now i hate spinich. with a passion. its disgusting to me. But a few months ago we were in vegas and ammon's brother and his wife made a spinich smoothie and i was surprised at how good it tasted. So i looked up more recipes that would be easier and I found one that tastes EXACTLy like a strawberry banana smoothie. You can't taste the spinich AT ALL! So if you trying to be healthier or are just looking for a spinich recipe try this one! all you need is spinich, a banana, straberrries, and juice of your choice and a blender.

Put a big handful of spinich in the blender

add a whole banana, a bunch of strawberries (i use about 7 frozen strawberries)

and a little bit of juice. I usually use apple but you can do whatever

and thats it! blend until its smooth and taste it! its amazing. you can always add more strawberries or banana if you want

its delicoius! and it tastes so good after a good workout!!!!