Saturday, April 10, 2010

make it stop!!!

Brooklyn is growing up way too fast and I hate it!! she's 9 months old now and already trying to walk... she can stand up by herself for about 30 seconds and if you hold her hand she'll walk around with you. I just want her to stay at the crawling phase for a few more years... oh well, guess we'll have to just have another one :) haha well brooklyn is now on table food and she LOVES it! she is obsessed with saltine crackers, chicken nuggets, cucumbers, potatoes, peas, spaghetti, lasagna, and pretty much everything in between.

well the past couple weeks have been pretty stressful for me. I am trying to get all my school work done and with work i'm just a total mess. BUt i can do it :) Brooklyn just makes it impossible to get anything done. She is all over the place!!! she is such a good baby and doesn't really like to be held so she can sit and play by herself for hours.. its great :) however, she is getting into everything and putting everything in her mouth so i have to watch her like crazy.

For easter we went down to Las Vegas. Ammon and I went to Circus Circus because I have never been. It was pretty fun and we even saw P Diddy! we walked right past him but i didn't realize who he was until it was too late. I have never seen a celebrity before so it was kind of excited! We also went to the rainforest cafe.. pretty cool place, not so great food. Brooklyn liked all the decorations though.

She is now pointing at everything!!!!!!! it is so dang cute! she can say dog, mom, dada, ya, baba, and hi. she can wave hi and bye and claps her hands to everything. She loves to read books!!! she loves to turn the pages and point at everything. She is my beautiful baby girl and she makes me so happy. i love her so much.

Ammon and I are also training for a 5 k. HA! good luck to me! i haven't ran or worked out in years.. I'm not even joking. So we went running and i didn't even last 10 min and couldn't even run a mile. My whole mom's side of the family is trying to get into shape and eat healthier so its nice that we are al doing it together. I just have alot of work to do! and never have time to go running because its too cold for brooklyn still... So.. anyone in cedar who can watch brooklyn for like 15-30 min a day so i can go running i woud really appreciate it :)


Whitney Orgill said...

freakin' move down here and i'll watch her!

Travis and Oriana Taylor said...

she is so dang cute!! i would seriously love to watch her too if you lived back her in orem again! :)