Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sick Girl and Spring Break

Lots has happened in the past few weeks. Brooklyn got really really sick. As you know I work at a daycare and Brooklyn is there with me all the time. This one kid seems to always be sick and they didn't send him home so Brooklyn got really sick. She had a 103.8 fever for two days, had a really bad cough, and super congested. She had a hard time breathing and was just miserable and couldn't sleep. On Sat we took her to Insta Care and they pretty much said she had a cold and sent us home with an antibiotic.. well things got alot worse that day and night. fever got up to 104 with motrin so sunday we took her to the ER and they did all these mean tests like took an xray of her chest, drained her nose, tested for RSV etc... she had bronchitis and pnemonia developing in her lungs... on top of an ear infection and teething.. POOR GIRL!
However, this last week was Spring Break and I got the whole week off so we went to Orem. I was starting to get sick because I hadn't slept in weeks and ammon and i really needed a break. My parents are amazing especially my mom. THey helped so much with taking care of brooklyn. They took her for 3 nights so ammon and i could get some sleep. THey spoil her so much and she just loves my family. Especially Spencer and Emily! Its so funny and they are so cute with her. Well we had lots of plans for Spring Break. Ammon and I went and stayed where we stayed the night we got married. Its called Caste Creek Inn and its in Sandy Ut. It was really nice and relaxing. Ammon got a special package with rose petals and candles and sparkling cidar and chocolate so that was there when we got there and they have lots of games and movies and snakes and stuff you can also take. It was nice just to watch a movie together and relax and actually get seep without worrying about Brooklyn. I knew my mom would take good care of her so I wasn't worried at all.
The next day we went to the Aquarium. I wanted to go to the zoo but it was too cold and Brooklyn was still a little sick. The Aquarium was kind of small but it was still pretty fun and Brookyln loved it. We got to watch people feed sting rays and got to touch them so that was kinda fun.
I also went with my amazing grandma conrad and cousins ashley and alexi and sister amy to a place called Color Me Mine. It was alot of fun to hang out with them because I never see them anymore. And my pot turned out SO cute for Brooklyn's room.
Brooklyn is now over 20 pounds! and her bottom two teeth came through FINALLY! we're starting to look for front facing Car Seats so if you have any recommendations let me know. She can now say momma dada baba yaya point with her finger and wave bye bye and clap her hands. SHE IS SO FREAKIN CUTE!
Oh also! The Cahoon Family is going to do this ECO challenge thing. So i have 2 months to train for a 5 k and on July 4 my goal is to run a 10 k. Now that might sound easy but I went running for the first time in two years and couldn't even do a half a mile so I have alot of work to do but it will be good for me :)
Well its not letting me post pictures so I'll try to later! SOrry!