Saturday, January 30, 2010


Brooklyn is finally crawling!!! yay! she started like 2 weeks ago but was kind of akward at it and now she's becoming a pro. its so fun and she is so proud and i'm lucky she's still kind of slow cuz i can catch her before she gets too far. :) she's doing so good and i am loving every min of it! She's now eating pretty much everything. well, all of the baby foods and stuff she LOVES oatmeal! and green peans, sweet potatoes, squash, applesauce and lots of other stuff. we've started giving her mashed potatoes and some bread and pancakes and stuff and she loves it! But her favorites are those little yogurt meltables and the little puff things that melt in your mouth! she can grab them with her fingers and feed her self and she loves it! its nice cuz i can sit her in her high chair while i do dishes and she'll just eat. its so cute! she's saying da da CONSTANTLY and when she's in a bad mood she says mama.. she is clapping her hands and it is so dang cute!!!!

I am super busy with work, and school, and being a mom. It's hard and stressful but i'm hangin in there.. Ammon just got offered a new job and he only works three days a week and they are graveyard shifts but it actually works out best because he has the whole week to focus on school and then works friday sat and sunday and he gets patient exposure hours for PA school. He has the hours guaranteed rather then the car wash-if it snows or weather is bad-he doesn't work. it sucks. So hopefully he'll enjoy this.

I hope this video works.. this was the 2nd day she started and she does this weird little hop thing but its so cute! she LOVES keys, phones, and remotes... if she sees one she goes after it and doesn't even care about her toys.

Monday, January 11, 2010

6 months

Brooklyn had her six month checkup today. Stats are
height 27 1/2 inches she's in the 94 percentile
weight 18 pounds 10 ounces 88th percentile
She got 4 shots and an oral medication. HATED IT
such a big girl. She's teething majorly, saying ma ma, trying to pull herself up to a standing position and eating like crazy. she is such a good sweet heart but can be so stubborn sometimes. I love how excited she gets when i go get her in the morning from her crib.
She can go from sitting position to hands and knees back to sitting position, she loves beeing on her knees and goes directly to pulling herslef on her knees in the crib, or bath. If she can get ahold of your leg or anything she tries to pull herself up. She is talking like crazy all the time and is such a joy! i love her! :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


It has been a long time since I blogged...even though i dont think anyone reads it but thats ok. Well a few weeks ago I went up to Orem with Brooklyn just me and her for a few days to take some presents up and to bring a ton back to cedar. I loved going to up to orem. I love seeing family! The Conrad's had the Christmas party at the ranch this year so Brooklyn got to sit on Santa's Lap! (if anyone has those pics please send them to me). The party was fun and of course i loved seeing everyone.
For Christmas we went down to Vegas. It was different but very fun. It was my first Christmas away from home and Brooklyns first Christmas. I dont know if it was just me but this year didn't really feel like Christmas... I missed going up to temple square and listening to the Mormon Tab sing and going and looking at christmas lights and singing songs by the piano, reading chirstmas stories, caroling and everything else. I definitly need to start doing traditions in our home.

Vegas was really fun. We did a white elephant game christmas eve and read the book A christmas Dress for Ellen. One of my favorites. We just hung out with the family and played lots of games. Ammon's brother and his wife took us out for Ammon's birthday and we went to dinner and had a blast with them. Ammon's other brother Seth and his wife blessed there little baby while we were there. SHE IS TINY! i think she's 5 pounds now. Crazy.
When we got back we had all our presents to open here. It was fun and we got spoiled rotton. Ammon got a nice electric razor and aqcua di gio cologne, snow boots, a few games, shirts, the bean game, and fruit snake. i got a gingerbread house, a glider FINALLY!! i've been wanting once since i was pregnant and I LOVE IT!, lots of clothes, the book The Hunger games which i already read and LOVED! and my favorite present of all was what my dad gave me. He gave us DVD's of all our families home videos. I love watching our family home videos and the memories are so special to me. The present meant alot to me and I watch them all the time.

So ammon turned 26 and Brooklyn is now 6 months old. She is growing and growing and can now sit up then get to her tummy and almost get back to sitting up again. She is no where near crawling but if i put her on her knees she starts rocking :) she is such a sweetheart but is getting a little attitude. She is very demanding. But i love her :)
Well our new years sucked... like i have said before we have no life or friends in cedar so we watched a movie and went to bed at like 11. i know we are super lame. oh well.
Oh we also took family pictures so here are some of those! Oh and i know this is kinda lame but can you post a comment on this one if I dont have you already on my friends and family contact list.. thanks!