Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Great Day

Yesterday was a Great Day! One of my really good friend's Courtney was sealed to her husband and their two kids in the St George Temple. It was a beautiful day. It was so nice for ammon and i to go do a session and to a sealing together. With a baby its really hard to go to the temple as much as we would like so we really enjoyed having the opportunity to go. I haven't done a session in a while so i was really nervous to do it by myself. We were running late and i thought that we were to miss it so i was super stressed out. But of course we made it and the second we walked into the temple we were calm and just excited to see them go through the temple and be sealed together.

They had a very big group go with them and it was just neat to see all the friends and family that were there to support them. It was an emotional day for their family and everyone was so happy. My favorite part is when we all are in the Celestial Room waiting for them to come in together. It reminded me of my experience of going through the temple for the first time. Ammon took me through and my family was there waiting for me. I imagine that it will be alot like that.

The sealing was very special. He did a wonderful job and when they brought the kids in-everyone got emotional. They looked so beautiful and it was such an amazing day. I'm so grateful that I know about the promises and blessings that you get when you go through the temple. I love going to sealings because it reminds me of my wedding day and what ammon and i promised each other. It's such an amazing and wonderful experience to know that we will be together for eternity. Congratulations Courtney, Steve, Brooklyn, and Bridger. We love you!

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Nick & Dana said...

that's awesome cort. that would be really neat to see that. as for the post below i was going to comment, but haven't had a computer lately! my mom used to do stations with us, reading, coloring, playing, music, there are probably other things you can do. I have a magazine called family fun and I absolutely love it. Katelyn is still too young to do some of the arts and crafts in it, but brooklyn might enjoy them now that she's older, let me know and i could send some ideas on over of what they have in there! or maybe you want to even order it yourself! i have a coupon for a year subscription if you do.