Monday, January 11, 2010

6 months

Brooklyn had her six month checkup today. Stats are
height 27 1/2 inches she's in the 94 percentile
weight 18 pounds 10 ounces 88th percentile
She got 4 shots and an oral medication. HATED IT
such a big girl. She's teething majorly, saying ma ma, trying to pull herself up to a standing position and eating like crazy. she is such a good sweet heart but can be so stubborn sometimes. I love how excited she gets when i go get her in the morning from her crib.
She can go from sitting position to hands and knees back to sitting position, she loves beeing on her knees and goes directly to pulling herslef on her knees in the crib, or bath. If she can get ahold of your leg or anything she tries to pull herself up. She is talking like crazy all the time and is such a joy! i love her! :)


AJ & Kelsey said...

I love that you read my blog.. because I'm an alcoholic to yours. I totally wish I could have my own lovely wee babe, but I want to do some school and we can't afford a child :) I'll be asking for advice you woman, when the time comes!

Mason Clan said...

I love her. She is the cutest thing ever! I freaking miss you!