Thursday, April 30, 2009


So I havn't really had anything to write about until now. Finals are over which means school is done! I'm so happy and not as stressed out anymore. I passed all my classes except for one because I had a stupid teacher FAIL me because I missed too many days from being sick. Even with a doctors note and turning every assignment on time- he didn't care. F. I was really upset. He's stupid.
Lately I've been feeling very very pregnant. I'll be 30 weeks on sat! crazy!!!! only 10 weeks left to go and Brooklyn will be here. We've been attending the classes every week and i'll admit I'm SCARED TO DEATH FOR LABOR! we learned all about epidurals, episiotomies, the foreceps and vacuum thing they use and all of that fun scary stuff. If any of you know me-my biggest fear is needles. I want to cry when I get poked in the arm so watching someone get an epidural made me want to pass out. I started feeling so sick and it was kind of pathetic. I just hope that before I get an epidural I'm not freaking out because I can't handle the pain. The hospital doesn't want to give the epidural until your dialated to a 5 and i've heard its extremely painful before you get to that point. So if I am in pain I hope its not for like 30 hours or something. Anyways on a happier note about being pregnant. Brooklyn is driving me crazy!!!!! She keeps me up at night and wont stop kicking my side when i'm trying to sleep cuz she's trying to get me to move. She's so funny though, the other day she stuck her head out a little so i pushed it back in and then she pushed it out so i pushed it in.. she pushed it out so i started rubbing her head in a circular motion and then would go to the other side and i could feel her flip and go over there and stick her head out! SHE LOVED IT! ammon tried and the same thing happened. We couldn't stop laughing. Also, she loves otter pops. I start eating one and immediately she starts kickin and spinning or doing jumping jacks or whatever she does.. :) i love her and can't wait to meet her.
Another exciting thing that is happening is that the apartment place called!!! We've been living in this 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house since we got married and its been great but the apartment we are moving into only requires you to pay 30% of your income... So I dont have to work and I wont stress about Ammon making enough to pay for rent and all the bills. Its such a blessing that we get to move in next month right before the baby comes. Its perfect timing and we are so happy!
I have more prego pictures to post but forgot my camera so I will do that later! Anyways thats an update on us!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Birth classes and Brooklyn!

So yesterday was an exciting day! we got to go to our first child birth class.. i had no idea what to expect but now i'm super excited to go everyweek! our teacher is hilarious which always makes things fun. we learned about kick counts, the schedule, we took a tour of the labor and delivery room and stuff, we watched a video about different relaxation techniques to do during labor.. i will probably try all of them.. it was kind of sad cuz all the guys in the class were laughing at all the girls in the video cuz they were moaning, and sweating, and crying, and all that stuff...but it does not look like fun. we learned about pain.. and how to not focus on it and a bunch of other things. it was really helpful .. i just hope i dont forget all the stuff when its time for the real thing.. but I probably will.

Also today was very exciting! We got to go do a 3-d ultrasound to see our little baby! I'll be honest. I was kind of disappointed. The lady doing it seemed like she was in a hurry and she only had us scheduled for like 20 min. Brooklyn was moving a ton so a lot of the shots were really blury. I was kind of sad but on the plus side we did get to see a little bit of her. We saw her scratchin her face and sticking out her tongue and crossing her legs.. she was even in a position with her foot over her hand right by her head.. i was impressed.. she also yawned, and blinked! it was exciting! When she was being stubborn and not moving we would push on her butt like 5 times to get her to move and she looked like she was glaring haha she's a cutie. It is so crazy knowing that the next time we see her she'll be in our arms. only 100 days to go!!!