Tuesday, February 8, 2011

home alone

My mom called last week and said she wanted to steal brooklyn for the weekend. She missed brooklyn and brooklyn was excited to go! my grandparents picked her up on their way home from st george. my mom said brooklyn had a blast and was so good the whole time.
me on the other time-not so much. well friday was great. ammon and i went to st george and went to the temple with our friends amber and tyler. then we met up with vanessa and dana and went to cafe rio, played the bean game, and went to nielsen's frozen custard. if you havent been there YOU NEED TO GO! its so delicious!!! Friday was so much fun. Sat ammon worked from 10 until 6 so i was home alone. i had nothing to do and was bored out of my mind. the house was clean because i wasn't chasing and cleaning after brooklyn so all i did was homework. it was the longest day of my life and i was missing her so much. i wanted to read books and color and dance and all that fun stuff you do with kids. i have no idea what people do when they don't have kids and i dont know what i would do without her. i was so excited to get her back home! yes it was a nice relaxing weekend of sleeping in, going on a date with ammon, and staying in bed all day but i would rather have brooklyn home making a mess then being home alone. SO GLAD SHE IS BACK! but thank you mom for taking her for a couple days. I'm glad she was so good for you and you guys had a lot of fun :)


Amber said...

thanks for hanging out and going to the temple! SO fun! and fun memories.... does you name start with at S??? haha lol.

mccallpark said...

How fun! I know what you mean... I'm always wondering what I will do next without the kids to chase!

Kathleen said...


I have a question about your site, would you mind emailing me back @ kthomas@primroseschools.com?


Jimmy and Chelo said...

add me!