Monday, November 23, 2009

big week

So lots has happened since i last blogged... I am back at work at the daycare. It sucks i'm not going to lie but we need the money and Brooklyn doesn't leave my site so its ok. BUT i do have to pay to bring her there.. which is super lame since i'm the one watching her.. So its a love hate thing but she really enjoys interacting with other kids and it gives me something to do so its not too bad.
Last week my cousin Brandon came home from his mission!! yay! i wasn't able to go to the airport but i did get to go to his homecoming yesterday and he looks so good! it was like he never left! he gave an amazing talk and seems to have adjusted back to life just fine. It was so great to see family since I never do anymore it seems like because i live so freakin far away from everyone. It was really fu

The sad part is that Brooklyn went with my mom back to Orem last night and is staying with her for three days!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE I LET HER GO! 3 days is a long time! we'll be in orem late wed night but what am i going to do with myself!! i dont even remember what its like to have free time.. maybe i'll take a nap :) but i didn't cry saying goodbye surprisingly. it just kind of happened so fast and now i miss her like crazy! but... i got to sleep in, ammon and i are going to the temple tomorrow, we actually have alone time and i can actually get stuff done. So i guess thats a good thing. I keep calling my mom like every hour asking how she is doing and if she is happy and to send me a picture. She seems to be doing great and is happy and slept 8 hours so that makes me happy.

I can't wait for this weekend. I get to get my daughter back, spend MORE time with family, see friends, and its THANKSGIVING! i love it! and then when we get back i will put the christmas tree up! Hopefully we will be able to go to Temple Square to see the lights and see everyone :) we really just need to move up there!

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Ashley said...

3 days? You are brave. I haven't done that yet! She's in good hands though. Happy American Thanksgiving! Have fun with the fam!