Sunday, September 6, 2009

baby blessing

This week has been absolutely fantastic. On Sat was the Iron County Fair and we all went and rode on the carnival rides, ate funnel cakes, and alot of yummy food. it was a blast. we made my parents go on a ride and now i regret it. my mom and dad got really sick. especially my mom. she had to go lay down and they ended up leaving really early because she was so nauseous. :( Emily and spencer loved all the rides and so did all of ammon's family. it was alot of fun to all be there together. But the highlight of the week was today at brooklyns blessing. we had alot of friends and family that came to support her and we are so greatful for them. We had great grandparents and her great great grandpa. We were able to take a 5 generation picture-how cool is that?

Ammon did such a good job doing the blessing and the testimony meeting after was beautiful and the spirit was so strong. I was so greatful for my friends that came down from orem. Heather, Talia, Jessa, and Vanessa. They are amazing girls and I love them so much. They are all wonderful examples to me and they are just the best friends I could ever ask for. After the blessing we were able to go to the park and have a really nice luncheon. The food was amazing and everyone had a great time! It was so much fun but i was exhausted after. I love when friends and family come to visit but its so nice to just go home with our little family and relax.

Brooklyn is getting so big. She had her 2 month checkup last week. She now weighs almost 12 pounds! She is getting so strong too-holding her head up really straight and if you hold her hands she stands up. She's getting control of her hands and its hilarious to watch her put her fist up and just stare at it. She concentrates so hard to try to move it but doesn't quite get how too.. She's smiling and talking all day long and sleeping alot better during the night. She still loves baths and falls asleep almost every time. She'sstill a daddy's girl by far and Ammon is the best dad in the world. Brooklyn had to get shots last week and I was not excited for it. She was so happy at the doctors and smiling and then all of a sudden started screaming. It broke my heart. but once ammon picked her up she calmed right down. We gave her some grape flavored tylenol when we got home and she really enjoyed that! :) She is such a blessing in our lives and brings such a sweet spirit in our home. She has brought Ammon and I closer together and I love her more then she will ever know.


Chess said...

You're all beautiful! :)

Camille said...

Cortney! Your little family is so sweet. I love all the pics of your little girl-- what a cutie! Congratulations!

Nick & Dana said...

How adorable! I'm glad you had a wonderful day and a great time with family and friends. She is growing up fast! You three are all so cute together

Ashley said...

Have I mentioned how beautiful she is? You guys are one cute family!! Glad you had a great weekend.