Tuesday, July 21, 2009


so today baby brooklyn is 3 weeks old! wow time sure flies. anyways i wanted to tell a few stories about having her here. i forgot to mention before that during labor i got a fever so she had to be in the icu for 3 days to make sure nothing was passed on to her. She also got jaundice pretty bad and had to be under lights at home for almost a week. poor girl. we had to take her every morning to get blood drawn from her heel and i wouldn't go back because i didn't want to hear her screaming.. surprisingly she didn't make a sound any time. ammon said she would just look around and it was no big deal.. she handles pain better then i do.

She is such a good baby she never even cries! lucky us! she's on a really good schedule and eats about every 3hours. the only thing that i complain about is breastfeeding. it can be very painful-especially if you have mastitis :(. But she is doing awesome and growing like crazy! she was 7 11 and 19 1/2 inches long when she was born and at her 2 week appt she was 8 2 and 21 inches long!! She is also so so strong. she lifts her head up no problem for like 30 seconds and has huge thunder thighs!! when she gets mad she kicks and if she's laying on my chest or on the floor she pushes her butt up in the air..she pushes on the floor and scoots herself forward...pretty sure thats not normal for a 3 week old..

Brooklyn loves loves loves baths. she just kicks and coos and smiles and doesn't throw a fit at all and is so incredibly cute! however one time i took a loratab for pain and it knocked her out for like 2 days. i couldn't wake her up for anything.. i would give her a bath, wash her hair, put a washcloth on her face, rub her feet touch her face, change her diaper, and do everything i could think of to wake her up and nothing.. i drugged my baby. i felt so bad but it was pretty funny.
Another funny story that happened was she pooped on me. Every time she gets her diaper changed she either pees or poops during the process or right after. This one particular time i didnt put a clean diaper underneath and it was like rocket! she pooped so much and it got all over my legs my feet and the carpet. it was disgusting and ammon was rolling on the floor laughing. Anyways i still love being a mom she's absolutely perfect and beautiful. she loves to be sung to and talked to and will just sit and stare at you. she's so fun and such a daddy's girl. :)


Ashley said...

I already said this to you, but she really is so beautiful!

I hope nursing starts to get better for you because if it does, it's totally worth it for baby and mamma!

I'm glad you're enjoying motherhood and that you got a good baby. Just take in every second because it goes by too fast as I'm sure you've already noticed!

Keep those pictures coming!

Chess said...

Oh my gosh--that is disgusting! I can never be a mother. The bodily fluids that are emitted from babies will make me either vomit or faint, or worse--both. Haha, love that your husband just laughed at you. LOL.

Travis and Camille said...

Sounds like you've got it made. Adorable pictures!