Thursday, April 2, 2009

Birth classes and Brooklyn!

So yesterday was an exciting day! we got to go to our first child birth class.. i had no idea what to expect but now i'm super excited to go everyweek! our teacher is hilarious which always makes things fun. we learned about kick counts, the schedule, we took a tour of the labor and delivery room and stuff, we watched a video about different relaxation techniques to do during labor.. i will probably try all of them.. it was kind of sad cuz all the guys in the class were laughing at all the girls in the video cuz they were moaning, and sweating, and crying, and all that stuff...but it does not look like fun. we learned about pain.. and how to not focus on it and a bunch of other things. it was really helpful .. i just hope i dont forget all the stuff when its time for the real thing.. but I probably will.

Also today was very exciting! We got to go do a 3-d ultrasound to see our little baby! I'll be honest. I was kind of disappointed. The lady doing it seemed like she was in a hurry and she only had us scheduled for like 20 min. Brooklyn was moving a ton so a lot of the shots were really blury. I was kind of sad but on the plus side we did get to see a little bit of her. We saw her scratchin her face and sticking out her tongue and crossing her legs.. she was even in a position with her foot over her hand right by her head.. i was impressed.. she also yawned, and blinked! it was exciting! When she was being stubborn and not moving we would push on her butt like 5 times to get her to move and she looked like she was glaring haha she's a cutie. It is so crazy knowing that the next time we see her she'll be in our arms. only 100 days to go!!!


Ashley said...

That is way cool Courtney! Isn't it amazing how they seem to come with these cute little personalities? I'm way excited for you! My one tidbit of advice is take red raspberry leaf starting 6 weeks before your due date. It's supposed to strengthen your uterus and help with labor. I attribute it to my easy delivery with both my babies. AMAZING. Good luck with the rest!

Melissa said...

Cortney you a blog! I love it. I never did the birthing classes. I am so excited that you are having a girl. She is going to have Ammon wrapped around her finger. I can't believe that its only 100 days.

Loni & Dwayne said...

Cortney that is so exciting! I love to read your blog and see how things are going, it's so cute. I hope things are going well for you and keep having fun :)