Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Marriage and Pregnancy

So I've decided to finally update my blog. SO many people told me to get one and i havn't done a thing with it. So a little update on our life... Ammon and I have been married for 8 months and I'm six months pregnant! Crazy i know. We weren't planning on starting our family so soon but now that we are going to have a baby, I can't even imagine not being pregnant right now. I'm 25 weeks along and we are having a baby girl whose name will be Brooklyn Mae Gutierrez. This pregnancy has been hard, exciting, fun,spiritual, emotional and a whole bunch of other things. Ive never been so sick in my life and it seems like its one thing after another but I have such an amazing husband who takes care of me and i know I couldn't do it with out him. Brooklyn is moving so much and everytime I feel like I hate being pregnant or dont want to do it anymore she reminds me she's there and how worth it its going to be. Of course I know being a mom wont be easy but I can not wait until she's here! Only three more months! Ammon and I are so excited and it seems like its taking forever! My baby bump isn't so little anymore and its still crazy to me that we're going to have a baby. She's due only july 11 but I secretely am hoping she's here at the end of june :) Our doctor that we have is absolutely amazing and has made me comfortable with this whole experience. So i'm excited for that part. We start birth classes tomorrow which will be fun I hope. We have some friends Sammy and Landon that are in the class too so that will be fun.

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Loni & Dwayne said...

You are so cute! You'll be a great mommy :)